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Whether you’re looking for a gift or to give to your partner, you can find all kinds of DIY sex toys. You can use paper clips, inflatable balls, and even dildo kits to create a unique experience for your partner.

Inflatable balls

Whether you want to buy a dildo ball or build your own from home, there are a few factors to consider. These include safety and cleaning. The good news is, you can easily create a home dildo for your own pleasure. And, they are a lot cheaper than buying one from a store. Here are some tips for cleaning and storing your DIY sex toys.

First, try to buy dildo balls that are not made of rubber. Rubber is not body-safe, so it is not a good choice. Instead, try to find a ball that is made from silicone or medical-grade materials. These types of sex toys are made from materials that are body-safe and can be easily cleaned.

The next thing you need to consider is whether you want to buy a ball with handles or not. These balls offer more stability, so they are better if you want to hold on to them. You also need to consider whether the ball is bouncy or not. You can also choose from a variety of colors.


Using paperclips to construct DIY sex toys can be a cinch. These tiny devices can be bent to fit almost any shape or size. Paperclips are also useful as nipple clamps. They can be used to keep a partner’s nips together while licking the locals.

A paperclip may not have the most impressive design, but it can be a fun way to spice up your bedroom or den. If you haven’t considered paperclips for DIY sex toys, maybe you’re missing out on some serious nipple fun. You can also make a paperclip cockring by tying a ribbon around the center top section of your clip.

While paperclips aren’t cheap, there’s no reason they can’t be used to make some of the best sex toys you can get your hands on. Using the appropriate materials can make your DIY sex toys the envy of your roommate or partner.


Using a vegetable as a sex toy can be a fun way to spend some time with the girls. The best vegetables to buy are usually the ones that are still fresh. However, if you can’t be bothered to wash the veggie, you may want to go with a more conventional sex toy.

A large cucumber is a good choice for this, especially if you are going to microwave it. If you have the inclination, you can even turn it into a BDSM restraint.

A bamboo or wooden spatula is a good way to go for this, too. Use a lot of lube to make sure you get all the way down there. This may not be the best option if you’re looking to get down on the dance floor, but it should do the trick.

Dildo kits

Using dildo kits to make your own sex toys can be an exciting experience. You can make a one of a kind sex toy with a personalized touch. These kits are easy to follow and include everything you need to make your own sex toy. You can find dildo kits for beginners and advanced kits with added features.

The dildo kits contain high quality materials and easy to follow instructions. They are designed for nonprofessional use and are suitable for distributing as gifts. They come with a vibrator for added stimulation. You can also customize the dildo to make it more realistic and fun.

When making your own dildo, you will want to find a safe, nonporous material. The material should be phthalate-free. It is also a good idea to use water-based lube.

Lioness Vibrator

Designed by a team of women, the Lioness Vibrator is a smart sex toy that focuses on orgasm. It combines sensor-feedback technology with artificial intelligence. It is the first of its kind.

The vibrating clitoris device has a head that is adjustable. It also has a second head that is inserted deep into the vagina. This makes orgasm stronger. It is also linked to a smartphone application. This application records and analyzes data, and then provides an easy-to-read visualization of your body’s data.

The app tracks arousal, orgasm, temperature, and other body data. Users can also share screenshots with their partner. The app is available for iOS and Android. It also tracks vaginal contractions and suggests moves.

The pelvic floor movement is one of the best indicators of arousal. This data is then used to determine pleasure. The Lioness Vibrator identifies orgasm from these movements.https://www.youtube.com/embed/e5oa3W9w85E